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The Start of TRMT

In 2012, Mrs. Samina Rana met a family whose personal circumstances had unexpectedly changed. The primary breadwinner of the family had passed away, and the family’s three driven children were faced with the new reality of having their educational pursuits curtailed.

Having once faced such a predicament herself, she knew their struggle well. With the belief that educational ambitions should never be cut short for lack of financial means, she took it upon herself to personally finance the secondary and post-secondary education of the family’s children. Today, those three children are pursuing successful careers in health sciences and technology.

Along the way, she met more such families and took on their needs as well, and in 2016, she and her children formally established the Tanveer Rana Memorial Trust to continue this work.

(Late) Tanveer Ahmed Rana

The Trust’s namesake, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Rana, embodied the very spirit of the opportunities the Trust aims to provide to others.

Mr. Rana lived fulfilling the single virtue that the greatest gift we can bestow in our lives is to leave behind memories that matter.

To that end, he lived to laugh, to celebrate, to mourn, to enjoy, and to sit side by side with both the old and young. As his children, we cherish some wonderful memories with him. Others – his friends, colleagues, siblings – tell us his energy was infectious, and his mere presence a source of comfort. They also shared many fits of laughter with him, they tell us, and that those memories endure to this day.

This charitable trust is simply a continuation of those moments. We hope that with each contribution to the betterment of a child’s future, we light up a young mind. And that those young minds will then blossom to leave behind wonderful memories of their own.

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Who We Are?


Karachi, Pakistan

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In addition to the Trustees, the Trust is run with the help of generous individuals who contribute their time and energy to help run our operations. Our Team includes:

External Auditor & Accountant

Marketing, Website & Design

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